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The most important marketing asset a speaker has is their video reel. Often, speakers are selected solely based on what buyers see in this crucial video. When decisions are made in committee meetings without a speaker physically present to sell themselves to the group, the video must do the heavy lifting.

In today’s competitive environment, your video must be the absolute best reflection of you and the most accurate representation of the experience you deliver, whether on stage or in a studio.

With the stakes so high, you need an experienced video development team you can trust. From editing existing footage to filming new material, we have the depth of skills needed to bring your best self to life.

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I highly recommend the 3RC team to produce your speaker reel. They will take you to levels that you can’t even imagine.

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3RC Speaker Reels Drive Bookings

Suneel Gupta

Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

Josh Linkner

Two-Time NYT Bestselling Author & Keynote Speaker

Lila Lazarus

Keynote Speaker & Emcee

Sara Frasca

Innovation Keynote Speaker

“It has been the best decision of my life. I owe so much to the entire team.”

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