Meet the 3RC Advisors

Beyond the core 3RC team, we also partner with world-class advisors and masters of the expert industry to provide a full suite of essential services and relationships. From monetizing your expertise to crafting the right online presence and everything in-between, our advisors are your connection to the pulse of the speaking industry.

In a business that’s constantly evolving, meet some of the people who know how to help you evolve with it.

Kelly Eger

COO, The Harry
Walker Agency

Nanette Town

Vice President,
Worldwide Speakers

Brian Lord

President, Premiere
Speakers Bureau

Caitlin Callison

Vice President of Sales,
Washington Speakers

Rich Gibbons

President, SpeakInc.

Shep Hyken

Past President, NSA,
Speaker and
Bestselling Author

Nick Morgan, Ph.D.

Speaking Coach,
Author, and
Keynote Speaker

“I love what 3RC is putting into our industry… great, talented, and prepared speakers who know how to effectively build their businesses.”

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